Date: 21st November 2013 at 9:33pm
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The League Managers Association has today released a statement on behalf of former manager Brian Laws.

The full statement can be read by Clicking Here.

In the statement Laws admits that he is desperately disappointed to have been removed from his post because he took on the reigns at the club again for the third time at a ‘difficult time for the club, when confidence and motivation were low, and my brief was to rebuild for the future.’

He goes on to explain that he and the board of the club agreed a strategy that was based on a ‘shared long term view’ which was firstly to halt the decline Scunthorpe had seen in recent times and obviously avoid a consecutive relegation which would’ve taken us out of the Football League.

He explains the targets for achieving that were ‘building a solid defence, fostering a togetherness, instil pride and self belief’ as well as reconnecting the youth levels within the club so talented youngsters could see a direct path via hard work and talent into first team contention.

‘The strategy was very much based on a long term plan and was to be delivered in line with significant budget cuts.’

The disappointment for Laws clearly is in his own belief, he was meeting these targets and addressing the objectives.

‘To be relieved of my duties, after only 16 league games, when I was meeting my targets is, in my opinion, unwarranted. I am exceptionally disappointed that I will no longer have the opportunity to continue the rebuilding process.’

He goes on to point out that we are only two points off a play off place and that we have lost only 4 games in the league campaign so far, and we have not suffered back to back losses in that campaign either.

He also points to the fact that out of all the relegated clubs last season from League One, we were the highest placed, so in his mind clearly had made progress over the summer and that was being demonstrated in our league placing.

Of course, others would point to the domestic Cup campaigns and recent disappointing results, but if Laws main aim was to avoid a relegation and build the foundation for next season and a promotion push, then he was exceeding them and any Cup progress would simply have been the icing on the cake and presumably that’s what he believes and it’s difficult not to see his point.

Time will tell ultimately, but what we’ll never know is how Brian would’ve done had he had the full season.